Nuffield Accident Repair – LED Lighting Project

Location: Poole, Dorset
Project cost:
Grant: £1,102.41
Estimated Savings: 3 tonnes of CO2 per year / £600 per year
Equipment / Installer: 17 LED Light fittings – Light Sense LED Ltd

View Nuffield Accident Repair’s case study here

Nuffield Accident Repair is a vehicle bodyshop based in Poole offering accident and crash repair services.  With an inefficient light system desperately in need of upgrading, Nuffield decided to replace 13 old lights with 17 LEDs as part of this low-carbon project.  This switch reduced their carbon footprint by 3 tonnes of CO2 a year and will save them an annual £600 off their energy bills.

Much of the garage’s work involves high-levels of detail, where quality of light can have a huge impact.  So, when Nuffield’s existing light system began to fail the decision was made to upgrade.  Keen to switch to LED lighting, but constrained by the cost, they reached out to Low Carbon Dorset to find out what support was available to make the switch.

LED lighting is a well-recognised way of considerably reducing carbon emissions and energy bills.  And in recent years the technology has developed to provide a very wide range of colours and styles making it very useful for fine work, like that undertaken at Nuffields.

It was quickly highlighted in their energy report from Low Carbon Dorset, that Nuffield could benefit greatly from replacing their lights with LED equivalents.  So, in an upgrade which saw 13 lights be replaced with 17 LEDs, Nuffield were able to reduce their carbon footprint by 3 tonnes of CO2 at a cost of £2,756.  The savings that Nuffield will make on their energy bills each year (£600) combined with the grant from Low Carbon Dorset for just over £1k, will mean these lights will pay for themselves in under 3 years.

Additional measures recommended which could reduce the garage’s emissions further included switching their currently compressed air tooling to electric equivalents.  It was also recommended that the firm investigate the possibility of installing solar PV panels on the roof of the bodyshop to generate electricity to meet their own demand. The opportunity for Nuffield to apply for additional grants to help fund these measures will remain open until the end of the Low Carbon Dorset programme.

“Our new LED lights have helped us with our high standard of work and saved us money with our bills.”

Nick Gwinnett – Nuffield Accident Repair

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Does your organisation have a plan for how you're going to get to net zero?

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If you own or run a business in Dorset, you could be eligible for a grant to help reduce your energy use.

Grants from Low Carbon Dorset can be used to help install energy saving measures like LEDs and solar panels, to help your business tackle emissions and save on energy costs.

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