Thorngrove 250-kW Biomass Boiler

4th June 2019 – 18th June 2019

A 250-kW class biomass-fuelled district heat scheme is needed for a garden centre near Gillingham.

Note that this is a smaller version of a system which was advertised for in January and February 2019. If you submitted a quote for a 400-kW system, please resubmit with a quote for a 250-kW one.

The details of the opportunity, including how to find out more, can be found here. The specification mentioned can be found here. Please note that it is for the 400-kW system, and so mentions 2 x 200-kW boilers. Only one boiler, of 250kW, is now required, with only one flue and one fuel feed. The remaining details remain accurate, though there may be some flexibility with the size of the main district heat pipe. The schematics mentioned can be found here.

If you are having any difficulty accessing these documents, please contact Derek Moss on 07990 442730 or


Full guidance on the Low Carbon Dorset procurement process can be found in our online Procurement Guide.

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