Opportunities often arise for installation companies to submit quotes to Low Carbon Dorset grant recipients.

This page contains a list of all the opportunities currently open for bids.  Follow the link in each opportunity to find more information on the project requirements and how to bid.

Please note that we do not keep a list of preferred suppliers, and cannot recommend any suppliers.

400-kW Solar PV array
30th October 2019 – 15th November 2019
A 400-kW solar PV array is needed to maximise electricity generation from a roof of a factory near Stalbridge.
Read more about the project and its requirements, and find details on how to tender for the work here.

300-kW Solar PV near Bridport – CLOSED
3rd July 2019 – 17th July 2019
Around 300-kWp of solar PV is needed to maximise generation from a roof of a factory near Bridport

Thorngrove 250-kW Biomass Boiler  – CLOSED
4th June 2019 – 18th June 2019
A 250-kW-class biomass boiler and district heat scheme is needed for a garden centre near Gillingham. This is a revised version of a previously advertised 400-kW opportunity.

Whole-Building Multi-Renewable Energy Project – CLOSED
17th May 2019 – 14th June 2019
A 25-bedroom hotel is looking for a complete energy efficiency and renewable energy package.

Glasshouse Ground-Source Heat Pump – CLOSED
16th April 2019 – 7th June 2019
A new state-of-the-art glasshouse requires a large ground-source heat pump.

Husqvarna Electric Tools Supply – CLOSED
2nd May 2019 – 20th May 2019
A range of Husqvarna equipment is required as part of the Dorset Council ranger service’s transition to electric tools.

HMCE Battery OpportunityCLOSED
15th March 2019 – 31st March 2019
A 200-kW-class, 400-kWh-class battery is required for a community microgrid in Bridport.

HMCE Solar PV OpportunityCLOSED
15th March 2019 – 31st March 2019
Around 210 kWp of solar PV is needed for a community energy ESCo in Bridport.

Dorset Community Energy: Project Management Opportunity CLOSED
14th March 2019 – 31st March 2019
A project manager is needed to run the installs of ten PV arrays on schools and hospitals in Dorset.

Dorset Community Energy: 10 PV ArraysCLOSED
13th March 2019 – 31st March 2019
A series of ten PV arrays (varying from 29 to 165 kWp) are required at various schools and hospitals.

Gillingham Community Leisure TrustCLOSED
8th March 2019 – 29th March 2019
Requirement for electricity saving system at the Riversmeet Sports Centre, Gillingham.

Thorngrove Biomass Boiler – CLOSED
16th January 2019 – 15th February 2019
A 400-kW-class woodchip-fuelled biomass district heat scheme is required at a garden centre near Gillingham.

Coombe Energy Biomass Boiler – CLOSED
12th September 2018 – 2nd October 2018
A new woodchip-fuelled biomass district heat scheme is required at a rural site near Litton Cheney.

Engineering Services for Cyclopic Ltd – CLOSED
19th December 2018 – 3rd January 2019
An experienced mechanical engineering firm is required to manufacture a prototype vehicle drive unit.

Pilmore Growers Biomass Boiler – CLOSED
21st December 2018 – 10th January 2019
An 800-kW woodchip-fuelled biomass district heat scheme is required at a rural site near Holt.

Getting involved

If you are a supplier or installer of low carbon technologies or products here in Dorset, then there are a whole host of ways you can get involved in the  programme…

• Do you have a client who could be eligible for a grant towards the cost of their project?
• Do you have a low carbon product or technology that you need support developing?
• Do you have a service or product needed by a Low Carbon Dorset grant recipient?

Check out our handy Suppliers’ Information Pack for more info on how you can get involved.


Full guidance on Low Carbon Dorset’s procurement process can be found in our online Procurement Guide.

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